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In an effort to align the needs of the economic sectors and the educational system, tailored vocational programs are increasingly in demand. We consider our commitment to the development of local human resources as one of the cornerstones of our business success as a services organization. For more than 15 years we have conducted through our in-house academy vocational training programs for young Saudi nationals as part of our social responsibility. To date, our programs have supported more than 2,000 Saudi nationals to start a career in the private -and semi-Government sectors.

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In recent years, Saudization has become a vocal point of all commercial organizations present in Saudi Arabia. As part of the challenges in its economic system and human resource development programs, vocational training for Saudi nationals is expanding rapidly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order to support organizations to overcome these challenges, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of tailored programs.

Our Staff Development Program’s (SDP’s) are at the core of vocational training needs of local organizations. The SDP’s are geared to enable young local talents to enhance their professional and vocational competencies in various fields. As part of our strategy, we partner with NGOs, government agencies, and our customers to develop programs that align the needs of all stakeholders.

Based on customer requirements, external circumstances and the availability of suitable candidates each program follows a path of concept design and operational testing to ensure long-term objectives will be reached. Students will be offered a variety of courses such as English, health and safety, work ethics and other technical training related to their future field of expertise.


A Selection of Our Portfolio

Sabic Saudization Program

Sabic Saudization Program

The aim of the program is to effectively contribute to unemployment reduction by means of recruitment, training, preparation and employment of qualified Saudi nationals…