Rosemount Tank Gauging

Rosemount Tank Gauging, Sweden (Former SAAB) are the pioneers in the non-contact type radar tank gauging systems. They are the global leader in tank gauging & tank liquid management.

Dar Al Riyadh is the exclusive agent of the Rosemount Tank Gauging in Saudi Arabia Since 1997. We have supplied over 2000 Tanks to various clients such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SEC, etc. We provide engineering support, product sections, project executions, installation, commissioning services, training and spare part service support. Saudi Aramco Bulk Plants, Saudi Aramco’s Ras-Tanura Refinery, Jeddah Refinery, Rabigh Refinery, SABTANK Terminal Jubail, Yasref, Samref, Sadara, etc. are the few mega projects we executed.