The Equestrian club

Dar Al Riyadh provided engineering & architecture and construction management services to the Riyadh equestrian club for the Janadriyadh race course. The master plan and several special buildings were designed by a Hong Kong-based architectural consultants (L&O) in a joint venture with Dar Al Riyadh. The 700,000m2 racecourse site is located approximately 45km North-East from the center of Riyadh.

Based upon the approved master plan, the project covers the design and construction of race tracks, external services such as generators, substations, sewage treatment plant, water well, water treatment plant, chiller compound, pump stations, landscape gardens, fountains, roads, horse road and distribution systems like water, power, sewage, communication etc.

What we have done with The Equestrian club

Janadriyah Race Course

Janadriyah Race Course

Scope of work: System design, detailed engineering, tendering and construction supervision for an equestrian race course & its facilities. The master plan and several…